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Hui-ā-Tau | Zoom Link Available

Hui-ā-Tau | Zoom Link Available

Hineuru Iwi Trust is pleased to inform whānau that a Zoom link will be available for this year’s Hui-ā-Tau. Should you wish to join online, click the button below:

While a Zoom link is available, the Trust cannot guarantee connection will be maintained for the entirety of the AGM. An IT Technician has checked the connection at the marae and is satisfied; however, we apologise in advance should any issues be experienced. With this in mind, we encourage whānau to attend in person if possible.

Alternative Zoom Options:

Topic: Hui-ā-Tau/Annual General Meeting
Time: Oct 8, 2022 11:00 AM Auckland, Wellington

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 834 564 4734
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+6436590603,,8345644734# New Zealand
+6448860026,,8345644734# New Zealand

Dial by your location
+64 3 659 0603 New Zealand
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Meeting ID: 834 564 4734

Trust Deed Amendments Webinar via Zoom

Hineuru Iwi Trust – Trust Deed Amendments Webinar via Zoom

Hineuru Iwi Trust is hosting a webinar via Zoom with Mihiarangi Piripi, the Managing Director of Whaia Legal, to discuss the proposed Trust Deed amendments.

Mihiarangi will give a presentation regarding the amendments and will be able to answer any questions.

Here’s the key information –

  • Date: Wednesday 28 September 2022
  • Time: 6 PM
  • Delivery: Online via Zoom

Notice of 2022 Hui-ā-Tau/Annual General Meeting

Notice of 2022 Hui-ā-Tau/Annual General Meeting

The Hui-ā-Tau of the Hineuru Iwi Trust will be held on Saturday 8 October 2022 at Te Haroto Marae, Main Road, Napier-Taupo State Highway 5, Te Haroto, commencing at 11 am. All members welcome.


  1. Whakatau & opening address by the Chair
  2. Apologies
  3. Presentation of Annual Report 2021-2022 (including details of Trustee remuneration)
  4. Commercial Report
  1. Financial Statements
  2. Annual Plan
  3. Appointment of Auditor
  4. 2022 Voting Update
  5. General Business

To receive an electronic copy of the meeting documents and to register and RSVP for the Hui-ā-Tau please do so on:

If you have any questions, please send them to by 12 noon on Wednesday 5 October 2022 so responses can be prepared in advance & factored into the presentation.

For those who wish to register and cast a provisional vote, please ensure that you have completed your registration on (including your Hineuru whakapapa) and have supplied proof of identity and proof of address to  The Membership Committee will meet on 12th October 2022, all information needs to be submitted by this date, so that the provisional votes can be counted and the election results finalised.

Robyn Rauna

Chief Executive

Ph 0272494166 or

Notice of 2022 Trustee Election

Nominations for the 2022 trustee election for the Hineuru Iwi Trust (the Trust) closed at midday on Friday 26 August 2022. The following nominations were received for the 7 vacancies on the Trust:

BAKER    Mark

BRIDGER    Tirohia

BROWN    Karauna (Snr)

BUSH    Renata

BUSH    Tracy

CRAWFORD    Ngawai



HAZEL   Mana



RIKI    Arapera


WAIWIRI    Elizabeth Moari

WALL    Janice

WANO     John


An election is therefore required and will be conducted by postal and internet voting and by ballot box at the Hui-ā-Tau/Annual General Meeting.

Changes to Trust Deed

Members will also be asked to vote on the following special resolution:

“That the Adult Registered Members of Hineuru Iwi Trust resolve to accept the proposed amendments to the Hineuru Iwi Trust Deed as set out in the explanatory note”.

Voter packs, together with information about the candidates and the explanatory note for the proposed special resolution, will be sent to all registered and verified adult members of the Trust on Friday 9 September 2022.  Postal and internet voting will close at 5pm on Friday 7 October 2022.


Anthony Morton

Returning Officer

Ph 0800 666 924 or

Chair’s Address | Kahungunu Fish Hook Summit 2022

Chair’s Address | Kahungunu Fish Hook Summit 2022

At this year’s Kahungunu Fish Hook Summit, Hineuru Iwi Trust Chairman Renata Bush was invited to give an address. Below are the speech notes from the address; the drone footage of the aggregate take/stockpiling is also included.

21 June 2022

Ko Titiokura te maunga

Ko Mōhaka te awa

Ko Te Hāroto te marae

Ko Ngāti Hineuru te iwi

Ko Te Rangihīroa te tangata

Tēnā tātau, tēnei te mihi ki a koutou i te matahi o te tau.

Ko Renata Bush ahau, and I am the Chairman of Hineuru Iwi Trust. I want to thank the organisers of this event for the opportunity to share with you all a little about our Iwi Ngāti Hineuru and a few thoughts that I have about how we can all collectively serve our people better in the years to come.

Hineuru Iwi Trust, as the post-settlement governance entity of Ngāti Hineuru, is proud to be leading the collective development of its people. The Trust takes this responsibility seriously. My trustees and I want to make sure that we pass on the baton of iwi development to future trustees, having progressed activity and putting plans into action that ultimately improve and advance the well-being of our people. I know others here today share this same responsibility for your respective organisations and people. It is to you that I share my first key message.

We look to always act honourably and honestly with each other as mana whenua. It is my profound wish that within the respective wheelhouses of our organisations, we always look to expand opportunities for our people whenever we can, ensuring that we treat each other with the respect and courtesy we expect of ourselves.

My second key message relates to the purpose of this Summit. It is around our freshwater interests, our relationship with the Mōhaka River, and our responsibility as kaitiaki. One of the current issues Hineuru is addressing right now is the aggregate take from the Mōhaka River. It’s a matter that we have been monitoring for the last three months, and I wanted to share this with all of you today. Here’s a video clearly showing significant quantities of aggregate being extracted from the Hineuru rohe of the Mōhaka River on McVicars Road off State Highway 5.

It is no longer acceptable to be treating our Taiao like it’s an infinite resource. We do not accept that it is ok. Hineuru holds the view that the aggregate take you saw on the video is a smidgen of what has been occurring, and we have raised our concerns with the Hastings District Council. For those Iwi with interests in the Mōhaka River up and downstream from us, I wanted to share this information with you so you can review what the consequences are, if there are any, in your rohe. For Hineuru, the impact of this aggregate take on the ecosystem of our tuna resource is a major concern. Nō mātou ke te mana o te wai.

Turning now to the interests Hineuru has in the Māori Fisheries Settlement. I want to thank Ngāti Kahungunu Incorporated for your role in looking after our fishing interests. We are grateful to you for this. I want to let you know that Hineuru is now ready to have a conversation with you about the Māori fisheries deep sea quota that you hold on Trust for us. We want to consolidate the share of the Māori fisheries settlement assets that is ours together with our Treaty settlement assets and lead the growth and development of our collective resources in furtherance of our vision: Ka tupu, ka ora, ka rea – We grow, we thrive, we prosper.

My final and last message is that when we make a pact with our tupuna. To do our absolute best to ensure their legacy and the longevity and survival of their pa harakeke, we are collectively strong. For this, though, we must accept that it takes far more than the skills and competencies of our governance boards or management teams to be assured of this. We have to be able to impart to all of our iwi members the true value and benefit of whānau, hapū and Iwi and how it can enrich people’s lives for the better. We need this to become an ingrained living part of our people’s lives so that our whakatipuranga of the future can stand strong as Māori and iwi members and continue in their time to shine the torch and light of tribalism. This is an ongoing challenge – for all of us to meet. For us at Ngāti Hineuru, we hope that we role model by our words and actions the importance of this and instil pride in our people to be Hineuru.

Manawatia a Matariki!

Hineuru Hautapu

Hineuru Hautapu

Ko te ope rua o Matariki ki te rangi, ko Matariki hunga nui ki te whenua

Hineuru Iwi Trust invites you to join, reflect, and celebrate Matariki at this year’s Hineuru Hautapu.

Key details:

  • Date: Saturday 25 June
  • Location: Te Hāroto Marae
  • Time: 5:30 AM | Karakia commences

Matariki is a time for people to gather, honour the dead, celebrate the present and plan for the future. Hence the phrase ‘Matariki hunga nui’ meaning the many people of Matariki. This year the Trust has decided to celebrate Matariki with a Hautapu, a traditional offering of kai made to the Matariki cluster during its first sighting in the early morning around the end of June.

The offering of kai will be prepared in a small hāngī with the appropriate karakia. The whetū and related items of kai are as follows:

  • Tupuānuku | Something from the earth, e.g., a kūmara
  • Tupuārangi | Traditionally this would be a kererū; however, a heihei (chicken) suffices
  • Waitī | Something from the freshwater, e.g., tuna (eel) or trout
  • Waitā | A fish from the ocean, e.g., tāmure (snapper) or tarakihi

Another important part of the proceedings is acknowledging those who have passed on. Pōhutukawa is the star that carries the deceased. Please email PC Crawford via if you would like to participate in the proceedings to mention your whānau who have passed or alternative send through their names, and PC will mention them for you.

Hiwaiterangi is then acknowledged. This star carries the hopes, aspirations, and good intentions for the year ahead.

In addition to the Matariki celebration will be the Waipunga Falls gift back. As a part of our Deed of Settlement, the Trust was gifted from the Crown Waipunga Falls, conditional on the agreement that the falls would be returned to the Crown after four years. Due to Covid, the gift back has been delayed; however, it seemed fitting to include the gift back as part of the Matariki celebration.

The Trust sincerely hopes you will be able to join us for this momentous occasion. Keep in mind this is an outdoor event at Te Hāroto, commencing at 5:30 AM. Please come appropriately dressed for the conditions. To RSVP your attendance or for more information, email

Special General Meeting Wrap-up

Special General Meeting Wrap-up

On behalf of the Board and our CE, I would like to thank everyone who attended in person or who attended online our Special General Meeting that was held at the East Pier Hotel on 28 May 2022. It was an excellent turnout where (56) people were at the hui a-kanohi and (6) people attended by Zoom.

The holding of a Special General Meeting held six months after our Annual General Meeting was introduced last year, following feedback that we received from Iwi members at our 2020 AGM that they would like to be kept informed of developments. The feedback from our Iwi was that people did not want to wait until our AGM to know what was happening. So, while not a requirement of our Trust Deed, our Board thought it was fair that we should make sure to update our Iwi members on how we are performing with implementing the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan. This was the purpose of last week’s SGM – to update:

  1. Status Report of the 2021 – 2025 Strategic Plan
  2. Update by the Hineuru Education Committee on the 2022 Hineuru Grants Scheme
  3. Proposed Amendments to the Hineuru Iwi Trust Deed

A copy of the PowerPoint presentation that was presented and spoken to will be provided for people to access on our website. I acknowledge the passion and interest that a number of our people had:

  • In wanting to understand the commitment to getting the Te Haroto Marae development progressed. I confirm that Hineuru Iwi Trust has budgeted and dedicated $1.5m for Te Haroto Marae, and we remain committed to this development on the basis of accountable and transparent processes set by our Trust Deed. We worked earnestly to broker an agreement with Te Haroto Marae Trustees including bringing in an independent mediator Wi Pere Mita to help us with this. Unfortunately, the mediation agreement we thought we had amicably reached on 1 February 2022 was later overturned and so the Marae development is in limbo.
  • On the work underway on the Hineuru Iwi register. The Iwi register is our reason and purpose for existing and I want to give everyone assurance that we are undertaking this work to ensure that we are working in alignment to our Trust Deed as well as trying to anticipate and front foot new and emerging contemporary issues like identity theft etc. As announced on Saturday since doing this refresh of our Iwi register our numbers have increased from 2,876 as reported in the 2021 annual report to approximately 4,900. Being able to accurately obtain the current contact details of all our Iwi members is crucial to keeping you all informed of Iwi developments. I am certain that this will help you understand not only what has happened but also what is coming up and the areas that you may want to participate in.
  • The proposed Trust Deed amendments were shared at the SGM to explain the rationale for wanting changes. The issue is around trustee rotation and trustee terms as the current Trust Deed states is an ‘all on, all off’ system. There are no staggered terms allowed for which the Board would like to introduce in the lead up to the election of Hineuru Iwi Trust trustees in 2023. This process will be rolled out and overseen by an independent organisation ElectionNZ later in the year with the results of a postal voting ballot of Iwi members announced at this year’s AGM on Saturday 19 November 2022. The purpose of raising this matter at the SGM was to let Iwi know that this would be coming up.

I want to thank and acknowledge Maria Rahui for her presentation at our SGM about the Hineuru Education Grant scheme for 2022. She has made a worthy and valuable contribution as our grants administrator this year together with the Education & Training Committee (Mereana Brown (Chair), Erena Bruce, Mei Winitana) who distributed grants of $220 to our primary students, $440 to our secondary students and $925 to our tertiary students received $925. A total of 106 of our registered tribal members benefitting from just under $50k of Iwi funds. I wish all of you a successful year with your educational pursuits.

Coming Up:

  • To celebrate the first Matariki public holiday and in commemoration of the Waipunga Falls Handover that we were unable to do in 2020 due to COVID19 we will be having a Hineuru Matariki Hautapu on 25 June 2022 at 5am-ish at Te Haroto Marae. To RSVP for this event please let us know if you will be attending to

I hope you have all had a nice restful Queen’s Birthday weekend.

Mai Hineuru, mo Hineuru

Renata Bush


Te Paetukutuku Hou

Te Paetukutuku Hou | Our new website

As a part of the refreshed communications plan, Hineuru Iwi Trust (the Trust) has undertaken a multi-staged approach to refresh its website. This included a complete re-build of a new website.

We are pleased that this work is now completed, and the Trust has a new, modern, and efficient interface to communicate between the operations of the Trust and the tribal members. While also having the ability to hold, store and display relevant documents and history of interest.

Over the coming weeks and months, the Trust will use the website as the nucleus of all communications.

Update: Education Grants 2022

Update: Education Grants 2022

Rapua te mātauranga, kia ora ai te iwi

Hineuru Iwi Trust and the Education Training Committee are pleased to announce that 106 registered tribal members have benefited from the 2022 Education Grants.

The funding pool for the 2022 Education Grants was increased to $50,000. The funding is split between primary, secondary, and tertiary students.

Through this year’s grants, primary students will receive $220, secondary students will receive $440, and tertiary students will receive $925.

This year the Trust sought to ensure communications about the Education Grants were viewed by as many as possible. The Trust supported paid advertising within the Meta social media platforms. These advertisements were targeted to individuals who like/follow the Hineuru Iwi Trust Facebook page and their friends. This enabled a broad approach to ensure wide coverage of the applications being open. Ultimately the advertisement reached 10,700 people. While it is inevitable that not all of these people will be Hineuru, a number will be.

In closing, the Trust and the Education Training Committee wish to congratulate all successful applicants in their pursuit of education, as this will enable a prosperous future for you, your whānau and collectively our iwi.