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Update: Education Grants 2022

Rapua te mātauranga, kia ora ai te iwi

Hineuru Iwi Trust and the Education Training Committee are pleased to announce that 106 registered tribal members have benefited from the 2022 Education Grants.

The funding pool for the 2022 Education Grants was increased to $50,000. The funding is split between primary, secondary, and tertiary students.

Through this year’s grants, primary students will receive $220, secondary students will receive $440, and tertiary students will receive $925.

This year the Trust sought to ensure communications about the Education Grants were viewed by as many as possible. The Trust supported paid advertising within the Meta social media platforms. These advertisements were targeted to individuals who like/follow the Hineuru Iwi Trust Facebook page and their friends. This enabled a broad approach to ensure wide coverage of the applications being open. Ultimately the advertisement reached 10,700 people. While it is inevitable that not all of these people will be Hineuru, a number will be.

In closing, the Trust and the Education Training Committee wish to congratulate all successful applicants in their pursuit of education, as this will enable a prosperous future for you, your whānau and collectively our iwi.